Picture this


Picture This: Time

Here, Tim Richmond, Jörg Colberg, Joselito Verschaeve, Jessica Gianelli, Moe Suzuki, and Julia Gat reflect on the concept of time in relation to an image from their archive

24 October 2022

Picture This: Trust

Ken Grant, Lin Zhipeng, Ying Ang, Sophie Gladstone, Ana Vallejo, and Craig Easton share an image that represents the concept of trust

26 April 2022

Picture This: Solidarity

Todd R Darling, Dania Hany, Jess Khol and others respond to the notion of solidarity through image and text, as part of our ongoing series Picture This

15 November 2021

Picture This: Memory

Cary Fagan, Aaron Schuman, Kalpesh Lathigura and others reflect on memories through image and text, as part of our ongoing series Picture This.

9 March 2021

Picture This: Habitat

In our ongoing series, six photographers provide work answering to a single word. Including text and work by Guy Tillim, Pixy Liao, Jack Latham and others, the images act as both question and answer to the concept of Habitat

3 December 2020

Every photographer applies their own approach to a subject. No two photographs are the same.

In this series, we ask six photographers to reflect on a single theme: terms such as “habitat”, ''vulnerability”, “memory'', or “network”.

From unpublished images and past projects to new works and test shots, every participating photographer offers a unique response. Together, the six images compound a multi-faceted perspective on pertinent conversations of our time.